Electronica / Techno / Jazz / Fushion / Drum & Bass
Rogue Chimp is music for a new time and era, it’s the perfect combination of Jazz Fusion, Dance and World Music. It blends odd metered technique with techno dance grooves.
Brothers Jacob and Zach Cole, along with Mark Woodyatt and Jon Ventre, strive to perform at the top of their abilities to entertain, astonish and provide their ever growing fan base and new audience members alike an entirely new musical experience.


Playing the drum set since the age of 7, Jacob’s speedy technique, polyrhythms and techno grooves are sure to keep everyone dancing. He received a bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music, where he studied drum set and world percussion. He has studied under world renowned tabla maestro-Ustad Zakir Hussain, Jamey Haddad, Mike Mangini as well as Skip Hadden, Kim Plainfield, Adam Deitch, and Billy Martin from MMW just to name a few.

Zach also born into music has played with various Scranton based bands, and other ensembles. Currently studying jazz piano his catchy song writing skills, tasteful solos and atmospheric synth lines make the band complete.

Mark a classically trained violinist sets us apart from the crowd. His lines tell the story creating a cinematic feel, filling each song with stories and moods interpreted differently by every listener.  Where others usually have lyrics, Chimp uses the soul filled violin.

Jon, the newest member of Rogue Chimp, has been playing bass professionally around the world with various groups for the last 5 years. Finally settling back in NEPA he is now officially a permanent member of the band. Jon uses his worldly experience to enhance every aspect of the groove that Rogue Chimp has to offer.

Influences range from a wide variety of styles and musicians such as: The New Deal, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, MMW, Herbie Hancock, The Bad Plus, Danny Elfman, Square Pusher, Primus, Parliment, Goblin, Aphex Twin, Adam Dietch, Frank Zappa, Zakir Hussain.